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The A.R.T to GDPR framework

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They say Knowledge is Power. That's not strictly true. Knowledge is nothing unless you TAKE ACTION!
GDPR Blueprint is focused on results!
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GDPR Blueprint -Course Outline
Module 1
Module 1

Getting Focused

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module 2
module 2


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GDRP Blueprint
GDRP Blueprint

The A.R.T. to GDPR

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Module 1
Module 1

Getting Focused

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I believe most people are not interested in becoming GDPR experts. Believe me, there are far more interesting things to do, But at the same time, when running a business, it’s not something you can get away from.
So what I believe makes GDPR Blueprint different is I’m more interested in helping you achieve your commercial outcomes rather than teaching all the ins and out of the legislation. I want your business to get compliant and self sufficient as quickly and easily as possible without wasting time becoming an expert in stuff that’s irrelevant for your situation.
Of course,  if you want to be a GDPR  expert, try our Foundation Course here>> 
10 Reasons Why you must Invest in GDPR Blueprint Now

If you want to want to reframe your thinking for GDPR in your business and learn valuable insights, you’ll have a hard time finding something more effective than DataMindset's GDPR Blueprint. It’s packed with information to help you, yet easy to digest and apply. You’ll learn such secrets as how to use risk based decision making to focus your deployment and maximise the returns on your efforts.

Built around the signature A.R.T. framework, we use simple yet powerful principles to help you get to grips with building your action plan for your business, all the information at your fingertips to be able to implement your action plan and expert support along the way. Here are ten reasons why now is the perfect course for you to invest in right now!

1 - It's written and presented by Gordon Hazle

This has to be the first reason because it's one of the most important. When you are buying a course, you want to be sure it was prepared by someone who knows what they are doing. Well, Gordon does. He was recognised as one of the Top 100 Data Leaders in the UK and held senior roles in major companies including Chief Data Officer for a major UK PLC. His experience spans across multiple sectors including Retail, Insurance, Travel, Publishing, Healthcare, Financial Services and Real Estate.

GDRP is more than just the legal language and a set of worst cases presented by the lawyers to protect themselves. It's not that black and white! There is a pragmatic balance to be struck between the legal speak and commercial aims. That is where Gordon excels having successfully deployed  GDPR across a number of sectors and mitigating commercial impact.

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Gordon Hazle -Founder
2 - It's a steal at this pre- sale price
Beta Launch in...
5th April 2021

In late Spring 2021, this course will be in it's final full price release. Although we haven't finalised the price, it is likely to be in the range of £500-£800.


Before we finalise the product, we will be creating a Beta Launch. This will be priced at £250 with the aim of ironing out any technical gremlins with the site and materials. We are planning that launch date as 1st March 2021.


Getting in now, during the pre sale phase, is the most economical time to do it. At £125, that is at least a 75% discount to full price. It will NEVER be available at this bargain price again. So what are you waiting for?

3 - You'll know what to do

This course is structured to present you with clean-cut actionable insights tailored to your business. It will take the guesswork out of starting and maintaining your GDPR compliance, streamlining and accelerating your route to success. You won’t just learn the tactics, you’ll also learn how to leverage them. In other words, you’ll be fully equipped.

What might be right for some businesses might not be right for you. The businesses may be the same but processes and risk appetite may be subtly different. That’s understood in the GDPR Blueprint and the lessons you’ll receive will be easy to tailor to your exact circumstances, giving you the best chance at success.

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4 - You'll know what NOT to do

Knowing the things you need to do is all well and good, but what happens when you try to put your own spin on things and it doesn’t work out? That’s why this course helps you to understand the things you should avoid in your businesses. In his many years in Data, Gordon has had tremendous success. However, he's faced some pitfalls to get to that success. He'll teach you the tools and tricks to avoid some of the pitfalls he's made.

You’ll learn from mistakes before you’ve even made them – meaning that you’ll accelerate your deployment. Drawing from a wealth of experience of deploying GDPR across multiple sectors, you'll see the the mistakes particularly when treading the line of pragmatism. They will be made available to you, so you never have to experience them yourself.

5 - It Will Help You Think Right

The clue is in our name. We are not called DataMindset for nothing! A big part of finding success in business is being in the right frame of mind. Look, have step-by-step guides is perfectly fine but without the right mental framework, you might find yourself struggling to apply them. That’s why this course incorporates lessons and support to help you get into the frame of mind that allows you to push through and act on your plan. 


This course certainly delivers on giving you the nitty-gritties of what needs to be done, when. It doesn’t leave it at that, though, Instead, it goes one mile further to ensure that you actually can apply those tools. That’s why it has insights on how to give yourself a laser focused, action-minded thinking, which is among the most important tools for business success.

Data Mindset
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6 - Access to the GDPR Template Pack

GDDR Blueprint comes with Access to DataMindset's GDPR Template Pack, which will give you the tools and procedural guide to help create all the documentation you will need for your GDPR compliance. Getting your business compliant is the core purpose of this course.

The Template Pack will make it much easier for you to create, completed and embed all the necessary policies and procedures to keep your business compliant. It gives you a big push towards achieving this goal by showing you an easy to follow plan and worked examples that will help you implement GDPR into your business.

7 - It Makes it Easy to Meet Goals

The GDPR Blueprint makes it easier for you to measure both your short-term and long-term goals. The product focuses on what you want to achieve and gives you tailored advice on how you can succeed. Through GDPR Blueprint, you’ll be able to set goals for yourself as well as a practical route to achieve them. It will help you to see where exactly you might be falling short and what you need to change.

You’ll also be able to break down your goals into small tasks, so you’re always aware of how well you’re progressing with your GDPR deployment. This is the kind of utility that can be the key to unlocking your success.

8 - It Has Broad Appeal
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I believe most people are not interested in becoming GDPR experts. But if you're running a business, it's not something you can ignore either. So our philosophy underpinning GDPR Blueprint is more focused on helping you achieve your commercial outcomes rather than teaching all the ins and out of the legislation. I want your business to get compliant and self sufficient as quickly and easily as possible without wasting time becoming an expert in stuff that’s irrelevant for your situation. We do that by helping you create an action plan that zero's in on the parts of the legislation that are applicable to you.

It's useful if you want to be an expert too though as all the detail is in there. It's just not structured in a way that optimises learning to become a rounded GDPR expert. You could try our GDPR Foundation Course if that's what you are after.

9 - Support on Tap

Sometime, even when things are broken down into easy chunks, we just get stuck. It happens to us all, for what ever reason, we're just missing something that makes it all sink in. When that happens, its great to have someone to lean on for advice. That's what you get with the Blueprint Group. Got a question? just post it in the group and I'll help.

In addition, each week, we will do a group GDPR Surgery live via Zoom. You can take a hot seat in this event and lets talk it through to unclog the blockage. And as this is currently a small exclusive bunch pre launch, this amounts to virtually personal 121 advice from a GDPR expert. 

10 - This Is A Unique Course

I believe most people are not interested in becoming

This course is the only one of its kind. In fact, you can take a break from this article to scour the internet and verify that yourself.

Back Already?

There’s no other product on the market that apptoaches GDPR this way and advocates focusing in what's relevant to you. That means you’ll get an experience that’s not being offered anywhere else. 

The DataMindset method is a one-of-a-kind course and if you’re thinking about getting it, you should. It’s packed with insights you won’t find anywhere else. it’s also made in such a way that following it is not only easy, but it creates real and measurable actions for you.


GDPR Blueprint Course

The A.R.T to GDPR framework

GDPR Blueprint - Course Modules Explained

Here, we do GDPR differently.

The thing with GDPR is not all of the legislation is relevant for every business. So what we do is try and cut out the jargon and break it down into principles that can help you work out which bits you should be focusing on. From there, its much easier to work out a plan and then only implement the bits you need.

I believe most people are not interested in becoming GDPR experts. Believe me, there are far more interesting things to do! But at the same time, it’s not something you can get away from.


So what I believe makes me different is I’m more interested in helping you achieve your commercial outcomes rather than teaching all the ins and out of the legislation. I want your business to get compliant and self sufficient as quickly and easily as possible without wasting time becoming an expert in stuff that’s irrelevant for your situation. I’d happily get into the legislation of say biometric data or handling  criminal records. I actually had to have that conversation with a recent client but I’m guessing the likelihood of you needing to know that for your business is pretty low.


My philosophy is more focused on what you need to do for your business rather than teaching you all about some clause that is completely irrelevant for you.

So, after many years experience in Data and Analytics, I have created the GDPR Blueprint. This course is focused on the pragmatic implementation of GDPR. Helping you identify what you need to do to get your business compliant without making a meal out of it!

Based around our signature A.R.T. framework, this course is designed to walk you through the end to end processes of deploying and maintaining GDPR in your business. Even if you've implemented GDPR already, the way this course is structured, it may identify some blind spots for you that you haven't covered.


Module 1 - Getting Focused

Module 1 is all about getting focused on the task at hand. We will get the preliminaries our the way first, and Introduction, how to use the course and some basic background knowledge on GDPR. It's about getting us on the same page and talking the same language. We will then introduce the A.R.T. framework with a bit more detail than you may have seen in the Free 3 Part Mini Series. (if you haven't seen that, check it out here>>>

The Critical Outcome for Module 1 is the GDPR Health Check. This is the tool that will help define your starting point. You can't plot a route without knowing where you are now. The Health Check allows you to zero in on the gaps you may have in your compliance and helps you prioritise them according to risk. 

Module 2 - Accountability

Module 2 is focused on understanding and meeting your obligations, where do you need to be. Following the analogy, We have our starting point from Module 1, so now we need to define our destination. This is the focus of Module 2. Not every business needs to go to the same place so we will help you identify what the destination needs to look like for your business.

The Critical Outcome for module 2 is defining your GDPR risk appetite and making some decisions around that to define what GDPR means in your business. We will also show you what documentation is required to define the destination.

Module 3 - Rights

We have our starting point and we have our destination. So time to look at some of the roads we can take to get there and start making a list of what we need to do on the journey. We will look at the variety of Rights people have over their data and look at ways you can structure your action plan to provide for those.

The Critical Outcome for Module 3 is understanding, creating and deploying the processes that will be needed for your business to become and stay compliant with the law.

Module 4 - Transparency 

We know where we are, where we're going and how to get there. Now we need to tell people. We will look at the approaches to let people know what you are doing with data. This is not only a legal requirement, but actually an opportunity for you to build brand trust and competitive advantage. Letting people know you value their privacy will help grow business.

The Critical Outcome for Module 4 is saying what you do and doing what you say!

Module 5 - Pulling it all together.

This is where the rubber hits the road. We will show you all the resources, templates and documents that you need as well as guidance on how to use them. We will also look at broader principles of keeping GDPR alive in your business and making sure GDPR compliance doesn't get left behind as your business grows, pivots or evolves.

The Critical Outcome of Module 5 is getting GDPR embedded into the DNA of your business. Ensuring throughout your organisation compliance is achieved and maintained.

About Gordon Hazle

Hi, I'm Gordon Hazle, one of the founders of DataMindset. I've been working in Data and Analytics for my whole career and before starting DataMindset was the Chief Data Officer for a major UK Insurance PLC. I have also been recognised as one of the Top 100 Data leaders in the UK and have won a number of awards. I don't tell you this to brag. I tell you to give you confidence that I know what I'm talking about when it come to Data. I've implimented GDPR across a number of sectors and both large and small companies.


Privacy is an increasingly important issue, not just from a compliance perspective, but also in the eyes of consumers. Trusting what businesses do with their personal data is a key factor in a consumers decision to purchase.


As an expert in GDPR I wanted to help SME's unlock the power of their data. Join me as I simplify data privacy for your business.

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