Learn About Data Privacy For Your Business!


Join me as we simplify data privacy for your business.

Data privacy is an increasingly important issue, not just from a compliance perspective, but also in the eyes of consumers. Trusting what businesses do with their data is a key factor in their decision to purchase. As an expert in GDPR and former Chief Data Officer, I wanted to help SME's unlock the power of their data.

Data Mindset exists to get your data


Now the dust has settled from the introduction of GDPR, it is a lot clearer what works for businesses and what doesn't. We have created a series of courses to walk you through what needs to be done. People learn in different ways so we offer 3 options; Traditional e-learning courses, webinars and group workshops. Take a look below at our courses.



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A high level executive summary with around 20 minutes of training. This course gives you basic information on GDPR and what you would need to do in your business.

Foundation Composite.png

A comprehensive guide to GDPR and how to implement it in your business. Over 10 hours of detailed content. Everything you need to know, for a solid understanding of GDPR

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Step by step guides, templates and approaches to simplify getting your business GDPR compliant. All the detail of Foundation with a Blueprint for you to implement